When is it Time to Call a Lawyer?

If you get hurt in an accident or injured by another person or object not owned or maintained by you, you may have the grounds for a personal injury claim and case. Same goes for loved ones like children or other family members. If it is an injury that greatly impacts at least one aspect [...]


Drafting Contracts

If you are starting your own business, merging companies or hiring another company for contracted work you will most likely be drafting at least one contract.  Contracts are crucial because when everything is put in writing and agreed on by all parties then everyone is held accountable for their parts.  To effectively write a business [...]


Injured? Call A Lawyer

People are injured every day in a variety of settings. Most of the time those injuries are considered 'accidents' and no action is taken from there. Sound right? Sure, if the injury happened at home or with zero variables in the situation. However, if it happened on someone else's property or due to someone else's [...]


The Biggest News of The Year For Litigation

As 2016 to an end, reflections are made on the biggest legal stories this year. The ABA Journal compiled what they consider the ten biggest legal stories. The first is expected, we elected a new President, but you might not have even known about the others. Follow the link below the introduction to the article [...]


As Times Change So Do Legal Needs

At the 2016 Annual ABA Meeting, the ABA released its final report full of a large amount of recommendations for our legal system and the bar as needs have changed over the years. A lot of the changes recommended have to do with the needs of those with lower economic statuses throughout the country and [...]


Unstructured vs. Structured Work

It is important for attorneys and law firms to know the difference between structured and unstructured data, especially when it comes to managing documents and contracts. As technology advances so does the way we can store information. Read about the usefulness of structuring data at your firm in this article so things can run smoothly. [...]


Keeping Up with Technology Advances

Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition, LTC4, is making it easy for lawyers to learn and keep up with technology used in their practice to better serve clients. Lawyers and staff can become certified in topics involving billing, communication, reports, and managing documents. This can make work more efficient and clients happier! Technology Posted Aug [...]


Insurance for personal injury

Personal injuries are absolutely tragic situations but it can be made more livable with a preventative measure and a solution after the fact. Getting comprehensive insurance that includes personal injury protection is a great way to protect yourself. If you have already been in a victim of a personal injury, call Pak Law Offices today. [...]