So you’ve been in an accident…now what?

Everything is silent for a moment. Your heart is pumping so loudly in your chest. Your mouth is dry and palms are sweaty. You are scared. You aren't sure if everyone is alright. You may be injured as you just experienced a car accident. These situations are disorienting in and of themselves but you can [...]


Remember that scandal with Arizona driver’s licenses?

There was a huge controversy surrounding Arizona's driver's licenses in the past few months because there were new federal requirements being passed down and Arizona did not want to comply with these new regulations and there was some talk about how Arizonans would need a different form of ID rather than a driver's license to [...]


Pak Law Offices, Tort Litigation Experts

For many people, when you talk about a certain aspect of law not commonly depicted in the media, their eyes tend to glaze over and they feel that they cannot understand the large glossary of terms and for the most part, that's really okay. That's what lawyers are for but there are some simple definitions [...]


What is a Joint Venture?

When starting your business, it is extremely easy to feel utterly overwhelmed at the sight of all of the legal documents and options that are available to you. Instead of getting confused and frustrated, allow the professionals to help you make the best decisions you can make for your company by explaining the options with [...]


Sports Injuries Back in the News

Sports injuries are no new phenomenon but they have received a lot more recognition lately as medicine is improving and we are able to properly diagnose them more regularly. This is a kind of personal injury and now some athletes are suing for it because of the NHL and NFL league's poor treatment of these [...]


How to Start a Small Business

Small businesses are the back bone of the economy and owning one is the American dream. Many small businesses fail because they were not started properly. Here are some simple steps to follow to help ensure success for you business by providing a solid foundation to build upon. A great small business always starts out [...]


Think You Don’t Need An Attorney For Real Estate?

Think again. There are so many reasons that it is wise to get an attorney when making such a large investment. Whether it be a personal investment or an investment for your business, making sure a lawyer is on your side is the only way to ensure that you are getting what you deserve. Congratulations! [...]


Thinking about Starting a Small Business?

Small businesses drive the economy. They are a key part of the definition of being American and allow people to live happier and more fulfilled lives by doing what they want to do for a living. If you are thinking about starting a small business, there are some important steps that you have to take [...]