The Importance of Written Contracts

Not only are written contracts important because it makes certain agreements legally binding, it also acts as a way to serve as a future reference or additional proof. This article gives insight into the importance of written contracts, especially in a business setting. A written contract plays a vital role in any business transaction. Apart [...]


Construction Site Accidents

Accidents on construction sites are more common than you think. Construction workers, and bystanders, are surrounded by mechanical tools and other dangerous items. Construction workers are also expected to work from high areas which can lead to potential dangerous situations. This article gives insight into the most common construction accidents and ways to go about [...]


Buy-Sell Agreements

Did you know that many business owners don't have buy-sell agreements in writing?  For those that don't, what would happen if one owner gets bought out, files for bankruptcy, or passes away?  Buy-sell agreements ensure that there is a back-up plan.  An attorney can assist in drafting one and including it in your business' contracts.  [...]


Selling Your House With a Real Estate Attorney

If you want to put list your home for sale, you have several options.  You can list it as for sale by owner, list it with a real estate agent or broker, or use the help of a real estate attorney.  A lot of people are unaware that some attorneys are actually very experienced with [...]


Preventing Disputes Between Business Partners

Many businesses and companies are run by more than one person.  This is typically called a business partnership.  When more than one person is involved in something, there will always be more than one idea of how to do things and more than one person to make decisions.  This creates the chances of an argument [...]


Starting an Incorporation

Incorporating a business is a big step many business owners take because of the doors it opens and protection it offers.  Incorporations are different than LLCs, Cos, and Ltds.  If you own a new business or are in the process of starting one, whether or not to incorporate has probably crossed your mind.  An attorney's [...]


How a Lawyer Can Help You Buy a Home

Buying a house is a huge step that can become overwhelming -- especially if it is your first.  We strongly suggest consulting as many professionals or people experienced in buying and selling homes as you feel fit.  One of those people should be an attorney.  You might think that attorneys are only used for lawsuits, [...]


Personal Injury in The Workplace

If you own a business, you know how important it is to have your bases covered when it comes to legal protection. There are not that many worse problems to have as a business owner than a lawsuit in your hands. Injuries are typically accidents but if one happens at work it can get messy. [...]


If Your Business Gets Sued…

Unfortunately, businesses can be susceptible to lawsuits.  The suits can be from anyone from an employee to a competitor for more reasons than you think.  This is part of the reason why you should have, as a business owner, attorneys like Jim Pak or Richard Elley on your side at all times.  The article below [...]


Why Your Business Should Have an Attorney

Lawyers can do much more than argue in a courtroom. Attorneys can choose to specialize in one or several areas from a broad list of options. For example, there are criminal defense attorneys, estate and trust attorneys and business attorneys just to name a few. Business attorneys can be useful for business owners for many [...]