Personal Injury Lawyers Like Us are Important to Have on Your Side

Injuries can happen anywhere at any time due to both predictable and unpredictable circumstances. For those who become injured on someone else’s property or at the fault of someone/something else there may be a claim at hand. This is when a personal injury lawyer can step in as a crucial resource. Learn how they can deal with insurance companies specifically in the article below.

Contrary to the Insurance Industry and other Mega Corporations’ smear campaigns against Personal Injury Trial Lawyers, they are not all Compulsive Litigants. All Attorneys have a duty to look at all facts, and conduct their own due diligence, prior to filing a claim? A Competent Personal Injury Trial Lawyer would adhere to this important requirement, at all times.

Gathering Evidence

A Competent Personal Injury Lawyer would reasonably try to find out what happened, to whom and why?

To answer such essential questions, a competent attorney would mindfully listen to his or her client’s story: Then carefully examine all evidences that reasonably can be allocated to ascertain the veracity of the client’s version of the story.  Such evidence may include police reports, medical reports, witness testimony, etc., which collectively would give the lawyer the confidence needed to represent a prospective client.

Sometimes, procuring such evidence requires a lot of research, investigations and lawyering skills. Yet there are no short cuts. A Lawyer who files a claim without due diligence could cause damages to his or her client; be sanctioned by the court; be disciplined by the state bar and even subjected to Malpractice Lawsuits.

Investigation and Depositions

A Competent Personal Injury Lawyer would lawfully approach witnesses or their attorneys, if represented by a lawyer, and set up time to interview them to hear their version of the story. They could also interview an investigating officer and Subpoena any necessary party, who is not cooperating.
Filing a Claim or a Lawsuit

Once a Lawyer is, reasonably, certain that he or she can file a viable claim (not a frivolous one) against a natural person or a corporation, supported by provable facts, he or she can file a claim.

This is just a brief note to make sure that you understand the complicated steps required to evaluate a case. So as you can see by hiring a competent and credible personal injury lawyer, you are making sure all angles of your case are legally covered, so there are not damaging surprises, when the legal process starts!

Remember all your communications with your lawyer regarding your case could be protected under Attorney-Client Privilege Law! So always be forthright with your lawyer. A lawsuit based on Truth is a wining case from the start. was founded by a consumers’ advocate lawyer, whose ultimate goal is to provide an honest and just platform to help injured people defend their rights and obtain justice. So if you have sustained serious injuries, anywhere in California, in an accident click or call Chosen Lawyers and consult with a Trusted, Competent and Compassionate Personal Injury Trial Lawyer, in Complete Confidence, LIVE!