Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing property, you want a smooth, efficient, and conflict-free process. While this is not always possible, an experienced Scottsdale AZ commercial real estate lawyer can ensure that you understand the risks and benefits associated with your transactions.

We provide clients with comprehensive services encompassing the full range of commercial and residential real estate and development issues. We help clients with all aspects of the acquisition, development and disposition of projects large and small. We also help corporate clients with the lease and sublease of commercial space and, when necessary, we help clients with restructurings and workouts.

We Provide Comprehensive Real Estate Services

Pak Law Offices provides its clients with comprehensive real estate services. We assist developers, business owners, investors, and individuals who are engaged in real estate transactions — and we know that they all have diverse and particular needs and goals.

The services we provide include:


Whether you are buying or selling real property or a business that involves real estate, we can help.  We will draft or review real estate contracts and purchase and sale agreements depending on your needs and your budget.

Due Diligence Audits

Before you even initiate a commercial real estate transaction, it’s important to carefully evaluate issues that may complicate the process or make the property unsuitable for your needs. Our lawyers meticulously perform title and survey reviews and can identify encroachments, easements, and zoning issues that may lead to unpleasant surprises and complications during a commercial real estate transaction.

Acquisitions and Dispositions

We assist in the formation of partnerships, limited liability companies, joint venture agreements and purchase and sale agreements in connection with the acquisition and disposition of real property.

Leasing and Subleasing

All areas of leasing activity, including industrial ground leases, sale-leaseback transactions, and retail and office leases of all kinds are part of our comprehensive representation of developers, owners and lenders.


When you’re making a large investment, especially in commercial real estate, financing is vital to your transaction. A Scottsdale AZ commercial real estate lawyer can help you assess your loan and financing options. Today’s real estate financing environment is diverse and complex — we can help you navigate it and make wise decisions while doing so.

Tax Issues

While we’re not tax lawyers, our legal team can help you identify advantageous options, such as a 1031 exchange or tax deferral, which can greatly benefit you and your business. However, you will need to comply with the IRS’ (Internal Revenue Service’s) strict and incredibly complicated regulations and rulings.

Litigation and Dispute Resolutions

We will prosecute or defend claims you have or have been brought against you.  We handle all areas of litigation involving construction and real property, including, but not limited to, commercial and residential real estate contract disputes, contractor/sub-contractor disputes and Registrar of Contractor’s complaints.

We can also refer you to an Arizona licensed Realtor® who can assist you in all aspects of a residential real estate transaction.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions Require Attention to Detail

When you make an investment in commercial real estate, a single misstep can be catastrophic. That’s why you need an experienced commercial real estate attorney who can guide you through every step of the transaction and ensure that you’re protecting both your short and long-term interests. We assist our commercial real estate clients with a wide variety of matters, including construction, easements, financing, leases, land use, zoning, and other regulatory matters.

Even after you’ve arrived at a deal, issues and disputes can arise. When they do, a commercial real estate lawyer at Pak Law Offices can help you resolve the conflict as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether you’re dealing with matters involving a purchase agreement, commercial lease, eminent domain seizure, or a zoning decision, our lawyers can help you identify practical next steps and strategies, which may include alternative dispute resolution processes like mediation and arbitration.

Relying on a Real Estate Agent Isn’t Always Enough

If you’re part of a commercial or residential real estate transaction, it may seem easy to rely on your real estate agent at every step of the process. However, the agents are trained in sales negotiations and transactions — not in the nuances of drafting a legally-binding contract or purchase agreement that protects your interests.

Buying a home is a life-changing transaction — and a poorly-drafted contract can result in heartbreak and unwanted conflict. Before you sign any real estate documents, especially a purchase agreement, it is essential that you consult with an experienced real estate attorney.

When you work with Pak Law Offices, we will spend time with you, getting to know you, your business, and your goals. Then, we will help you build a comprehensive real estate strategy that:

  • Investigate your transactions and educate you about your rights and legal options
  • Determine whether an “as is” property or one with complicated title and ownership issues meets your needs
  • Identify ways that we can reduce or limit your potential liability
  • Correct issues such as title problems and drafting and contract errors
  • Suggest estate planning methods that may help your family retain property throughout the generations, including partitioning
  • Educate you about debt collection processes and how to comply with state and federal collection laws

If you have questions about real estate, whether it is commercial or residential, our real estate lawyers can guide you through even the most complicated transactions, such as those involving multi-family properties, office buildings, shopping complexes, healthcare and educational facilities, and large residential projects.

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