So you provided the goods or services, and not been paid. What next?
In order to begin the procedure, the business to which money is owed must show each of the following

  • Evidence of Debt – any and all paperwork to show that a service was performed the customer, but the payment for said goods or services was not rendered. This can include a contract, invoices, proposal for services, or an estimate that later lead to work being done.
  • Invoices and Bills – to show that the debt incurred by your customer has not been satisfied. Include an interest provisions as well
  • Payments already received – history of records from past transactions with the debtor in question, showing that tou have given credit for any payments recieved
  • Contract for Goods or Services – Any sort of written agreement or oral agreements made between your business and a customer that show an agreement to pay money for goods of services received
  • Every case and situation is different. If you would like a consultation, contact Pak & Moring to discuss your business situation, and see if we can help you recover the money owed to you.

Attorney’s Fees: An Important Note
If you are owed money by a client, and feel the need to hire legal council as means of recovering that debt, then you may be entitled to have your attorney’s fees paid by the opposing party. Thus, if your business was to hire legal council and win your contract litigation process, there is a strong possibility that the debtor could also pay your legal expenses incurred in collecting the debt (§12-341.01).
(Please note: while informative, these posts are not intended to be formal legal advice and are not completely authoritative and should not be solely relied on as a primary basis for legal action.)