When you get into a car accident and do not have health insurance, an effective way to seek treatment and pay no up-front costs is to go to a chiropractor or physical therapist who agrees to take a lien on your treatment in exchange for payment at a later date. This is beneficial to you, as it provides you an opportunity to get better without having to pay out-of-pocket for medical bills when you do not have health insurance.However, the lien itself means that you will have to repay the medical service provider (be it a chiropractor or physical therapist) upon receiving a settlement from your own car insurance with Med Pay and/or the at-fault driver’s car insurance. Each medical care provider is different, and in managing communication between your doctors, car insurance, and the car insurance of the person liable for the accident, it is helpful to have an experienced attorney. If you are interested in a free consultation about your personal injury case, contact Pak & Moring to see if we can help you during this lengthy and arduous process.
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