If you get hurt in an automobile accident, then your first priority should be to seek treatment for your injuries and get better as soon as possible. However, if your medical expenses are covered by the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), you may run into several obstacles that may hinder the time and effort needed for your recovery.
AHCCCS is a publicly funded health insurance plan supported by the state. With this type of insurance, you will be able to go the medical providers you already frequent and seek treatment as necessary with AHCCCS footing the bill as per usual. However, at the end of your case and generally, when you are about to receive compensation for your injuries from the at-fault driver’s insurance company, you will have to reimburse AHCCCS for the amount paid for your treatment. The reason being is AHCCCS holds a lien on your case as a publicly funded insurance plan, which affords it the right to be reimbursed if you receive funds as a result of your personal injury claim.. It should be noted that many cases differ and AHCCCS’ lien may or may not be an accurate figure of the expenses AHCCCS paid towards your medical bills related to your accident. If AHCCCS is your primary health insurance, often times unrelated medical bills are included in the lien amount. If so, you would not be responsible for the reimbursement of those expenses unrelated to your accident.
AHCCCS will usually send you notice of its lien via mail; however, if it does not, you may not know that AHCCCS has a lien on your case. If you receive a settlement and fail to reimburse AHCCCS, you may not be covered for any future medical expenses whether or not they are related to the car accident. AHCCCS will not pay any future medical expenses until or unless you pay AHCCCS the balance of its lien. As an additional penalty, you may also be responsible for the costs incurred to recover this money from you and your credit may be negatively impacted from its lien and collection efforts.
If you, like many others, are inexperienced in these types of matters and would prefer to concentrate on your recovery, please contact Pak & Moring to discuss your case. We can help.