A business with both suppliers and clients faces a unique stet of problems as it manages its balance sheets. However, with the recessionary condition of the market, it is becoming more and more common that your business may be having trouble getting paid from its clients. Of course, the failure of your customers to pay you makes it difficult to pay your suppliers and other veners. Often, they may bring legal action againast you, leaving you stuck in the middle. Employing legal counsel helps explore all of the various avenues of debt collection and aid you in determine the right course of action for our company. Please contact Pak & Moring to discuss your situation, and see if we can help you recover the money owed to you. We may also be able to work with your creditors to provide you the room you need to pay their bills.
In a time when goods and service providers need all earned income as quickly as possible – it may be worthwhile to look into managing accounts receivable though contract litigation. However, knowledge is the most important tool in deciding the proper course of action for your business. This is the first in a weeklong series of posts form the Pak & Moring law firm aimed at educating and empowering Arizona businesses about the debt collection options available to them.