Earlier today, I received a telephone solicitation from a representative of www.foreclosureattorneysnow.org, a website that supposedly helps consumers, who are going through the foreclosure process, get connected to foreclosure lawyers in their city. At first glance, this appears to be a legitimate business fulfilling a need for those going through a very tough situation. Unfortunately, my limited experience with this solicitation call leads me to believe otherwise.
First off, I am not completely against solicitors, as everyone needs to make a living. However, I draw the line when a solicitor uses deceptive tactics.
This woman pretended to be going through the foreclosure process and needed the help of an attorney…at least this is what she told my assistant. It turned out, she was just using this as a ploy to speak to an attorney so she could pitch her company’s website and lead generation service.
Once I learned that it was a solicitation call, I found it odd that there was loud music in the background. Here’s a tip: when contacting someone regarding a business proposal, don’t have loud music playing in the background…it’s distracting and unprofessional. As one can imagine, this immediately changed my level of responsiveness to her business pitch.
Lastly, when I inquired as to whether the call was mainly for the purposes of selling foreclosureattorneysnow.org’s services, and if so, I was not interested, the woman became belligerent and hung up the phone. I suppose I should have been upset that she hung up on me, but in retrospect, she did me a favor by not keeping me on the line one minute longer. Clearly, this is not a business where professionalism and integrity play a big part in this company’s daily interactions.