Personal Injury: Passengers in Uninsured Cars and Negligence on Behalf of the Driver

If you are a passenger with coverage but the car you are riding in doesn’t have insurance when are involved in an accident
In most circumstances your personal automobile insurance may apply. As a passenger who is not responsible for the accident, you are likely entitled to the liability coverage provided by your insurance. However, all accidents and circumstances are different. To go over the specifics of your situation, contact Pak & Moring for a free case evaluation and see if you are entitled to compensation from your car insurance company.

What happens if an automobile accident occurs due to negligence on behalf of the driver when you are a passenger?

If you are riding in a vehicle when its driver causes an accident due to negligence, you may be able to make a claim against the driver. This means that with the help of an experienced attorney you may be able to receive funds from the driver’s car insurance company to pay for your medical bills, should you be injured. In addition, your own personal automobile insurance may apply and your medical care could be paid for if you have MedPay on top of your standard policy. Due to the fact that most accidents are different, you should contactPak & Moring for a free case evaluation and see if you are entitled to compensation from the at-fault driver’s car insurance.

Multiple Coverages: Instances of Extra Protection

In certain accidents when multiple car insurance companies are involved, it becomes possible to file claims with several companies simultaneously. This is possible in incidents when you and the members of your household are covered by different auto insurance companies and both insurance policies can be relied upon if the accident involved a third party at-fault and caused harm to your or your family’s property. Filing multiple claims for a single accident on behalf of an injured party is rare, and all instances are different. If you feel as though your insured vehicle was damaged while a separately insured member of your household was driving, contact Pak & Moring for a free case evaluation and see if you can file claims with more than one car insurance company.

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